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Tony Denikos - Already Gone

"I can honestly say that it is one of the best CDs that I have heard this year."

--Andy Reeve, Seahaven FM, UK

Naked Blue - Wish

"Scott's mix hooked us from the first note. Wide, airy, punchy, convincing." 

--Recording Magazine

"a neatly tailored array of shimmering tones, vocal harmonies and languid pulses. But then, given a lineup that includes Scott Smith, Jon Carroll, and Pete and Maura Kennedy, that's not surprising." 

--The Washington Post 

"Jen is unmatched at brainstorming with you while bringing your ideas to life. Her color schemes, graphic layouts and font choices are always on target. In my career as Atlantic Records A&R chief, as a Platinum record producer, and as an artist myself, I have overseen this process well over a hundred times and I can honestly say Jen is the best I’ve ever worked with. She won’t quit until it’s right." -- Wyatt Easterling - Songwriter / Recording Artist

Tony Denikos Gravity Wins:
"I spent all my last day with your new and delicious recording usual with you, a collection of varied influences ..and to make it short, the perfect Americana album with such good songs,  fantastic musicianship and your sweet and magical voice sounds really beautiful, natural....a beautiful album , really ..

Merci me it is the best album you ever recorded .."
-- Michel Penard

Jennifer Daniels - Come Undone 

"Producer / engineer Scott Smith decided less was more and I believe he nailed it. The strings and piano move in and out, cradling the acoustic guitar in a way that's so subtle you don't even know they're there. Daniels' voice is perfectly showcased by the instrumentation..."  

--Mike McCready -

The Huffington Post

"Low Pressure, comfortable vibe, pleasant surroundings, with charming, talented and capable folks who get a GREAT sound. My idea of a good hang as well as a cool session." 

--Jon Carroll, Songwriter & Recording Artist 

"Information is everywhere but wisdom, direction, and clarity are precious. That is exactly what Jen Smith delivers. I am certain in our 1 hour session I gleaned what would have taken years to learn. Jen is a pro who is willing to share. She meets you where you are and coaches you up.... a treasure."

-- Songwriter / Recording Artist Chuck McDowell

Global Percussion Trio

"..sets a new standard for quality of recorded sound, accuracy of performance and stylistic variety" 

--Percussive Notes Magazine

"The magic of working with Scott and Jen in the Wood and Stone Room Studio not only produced  "Dreamtime,"  a record that I am very proud of, but also created a deep  trust in the wonderfully developed and polished skills of these two that I am forever grateful for! Would work with them again in heartbeat! So much love for them as people and for their amazing work!!!" -- Katrina Kadoski -

Songwriter / Recording Artist

"The WSR is my favorite place to record, and I always recommend it to everyone who asks me where to take their project. Scott is the best!"  

--John Thomakos, Drummer 

"On Glimpse, Producer/guitarist Scott Smith has conspired to deliver RUUT’s best work to date. The production values and sounds that came from The Wood and Stone Room are world-class. Excellent arrangements, aural textures and performance abound. The Wood and Stone Room reminds me of a studio in Winnipeg in the late seventies, called Roade recording. It was a place full of vibe and energy that spoke as loudly as the artists that recorded in the facility."

--Ari Lahdekorpi, for The New World Finn

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