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The Best of
40 x 40
1. Leave it All Behind
2. Let Me Down Easy
3. One More to Go
4. If It's Not Too Late
5. What Am I Gonna Do Now?
6. More Than I Can Take
7. Unlucky Stars
8. Inside
9. Coming Up For Air
10. Lovesick Freak
11. Driving You Home
12. Misdirected
Singer-songwriter Todd Wright spent the early part of this century with his band GetawayCar who's song "Superstar" was the soundtrack for the 2003 Pontiac Vibe. The band had to turn down the opening slot at the legendary HFStival in their hometown of Washington, DC when Todd landed a gig playing guitar with then-Atlantic Recording Artist Lucy Woodward. He spent most of 2003 with Lucy promoting her debut album "While You Can" in the US, Japan and New Zealand. From 2004-2006 Todd was the touring keyboardist/guitarist with the Pat McGee Band in support of their Warner Brothers release "Save Me." In addition to these artists Todd has been a fill in guitarist for Sony/Or artist Adam Richman and Better Than Ezra. In late 2006 Wright left the touring world focus on writing and producing. He has written songs for Aaron Barnhart (Bonded/Universal), Courage Call (Epitaph), Lucy Woodward (Verve), Chelsea Lee (Atlantic), Pat McGee (Rockwood) and Toby Lightman (T Killa). He also a song being recorded by the 2009 winner of X Factor Holland Lisa Hordijk for her upcoming Sony release.